Traeger Grill

Our Traeger Grill is located on the hot tub deck. In case you want to grill during your stay, here are some basic instructions on how to use the Traeger Pro 575: 

1. Make sure the grill is plugged into the power outlet and the power switch is on. You should see the WiFIRE controller display light up.

2. Open the hopper lid and fill it with Traeger wood pellets. There should be some nearby. Close the hopper. 

3. Remove the old drip tray inside the grill and replace it with a new one. There should be extra drip trays next to the grill as well. 

3. Press the menu button on the controller and select "Ignite". The grill will start the ignition process, which may take a few minutes. You will hear the fan and the auger running and see smoke coming out of the chimney.

4. Use the dial to adjust the temperature to your desired temperature and press the dial inwards to "set" the temperature. You can find hundreds of recipes on the Traeger website. In general, cook sausages/tri-tips at lower temperatures over a long period of time and cook steaks at high temperatures for short periods of time. 

5. Once the grill is done preheating to your desired temperature, you can open the grill lid and place your food on the main or secondary grate. Close the lid and let the grill do its magic. You can check the progress of your food on the controller display. Do not open the lid too often, as this will affect the temperature and cooking time.

6. When your food is done, carefully remove it from the grill and enjoy. Turn off the grill by pressing the temperature dial inwards for 3 seconds or more until the screen confirms that shutdown mode has been initiated. The grill will enter a shutdown cycle, which may take up to 15 minutes. Do not unplug the grill or turn off the power switch until the shutdown cycle is complete and the display is off.

7. After the grill cools down, you can clean it by removing any leftover food and grease from the grates with the grill scraper. Please do not use any harsh chemicals or abrasive tools to clean the grill, as this may damage the surface and the coating.

We hope this helps you use the Traeger Pro 575 with care. Happy grilling! :)