Wi-Fi, TV & Music

Wi-fi details

Wifi network name: Tim and psyche _5G

Wifi password: Colombia

The wifi password works for all the "Tim and Psyche" wifi networks. 


For watching movies, we have 2 TV’s that guests can utilize: one upstairs in the kitchen area and a larger one in the downstairs living room. You are welcome to use either. 

Both televisions are setup with Chromecasts called "Tim and Psyche's Chrome" (you can also look up instructions online on how to use this).

There is also an HDMI cable for use, which is typically plugged into the upstairs TV. 

Here are some Chromecast-enabled apps on your smartphone / laptop (there are more!):

How to cast from these apps to the televisions:



For music, there is a Google Home device on the kitchen counter. You simply need to say, "Hey Google...play (a song title/podcast/etc)," and it will typically work. Then, you can also say, "Hey Google... stop."

If you still have questions, please reach out and send us a message via AirBnb.

- Tim & Psyche